Many times, we deal in products that do not lend themselves to bulk selling. In such cases, both customers and principals require an entirely different method of allowing the product to reach its final destination. A case in point is Engineering Plastics. We buy product on our own account, warehouse it and sell it to the end user of the product directly.

This becomes a door-to-door offering, involving warehousing and distribution, apart from simply hard-core marketing. The services we offer include the entire import process, risk bearing, credit as well as warehousing and distribution. Just-in-time inventory carrying is useful for many customers who would not like to carry inventory, as well as bearing the risks of price fluctuations. This service was introduced in 2011, and is tailored to the actual principals’ and market’s needs. Towards this end we have established fully functional warehouses in North and South India, and are already carrying inventory. For many customers, this is a solution they have waited for, for many long years.

Talk to us about the distribution solution that is right for you and your objectives. We will provide you with an end-to-end solution that is right for you.